Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Kevin Rudd

The third member - and leader - of the opposition team.
Barring something unusual happening (fingers crossed !) Kevin Rudd will become Australia's next Prime Minister in the November elections. So far in front on the Polls it would take a major stumble / gaff to blow it !
Photoshop CS3 - harder work than it would seem - he wanted to look like Bert Newton - are they related ?
.......... added version 2 above, still not there, maybe I'll go with the cartoonists on this just do a basketball with glasses  !!

...... never bothered to put this one on my website, I'll revisit it from scratch one day soon, he's really annoying me as PM certainly needs the 'treatment' - licking lips and ear wax - he makes a lot more sense when talking Mandarin !! 


Nelson Santos said...

Hey mate sorry for the displacement i fixed it check the links section.

Unknown said...

Cheers Nelson - much appreciated.