Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tom Richmond's 'Mad art of Caricature'

I've got a lot of books on caricature, character design, cartooning and even animation. A lot of them get used frequently - some less so. I've just received Tom Richmond's new book ' The Mad art of Caricature'.

This is not one of those coffee table 'look what I can do' books. It is a 170 page comprehensive guide to the art of caricature that is destined to become a 'must have' for caricaturists world wide. 

I can see it being close and handy in the studio for years to come. It certainly won't live in the bookcase.

If you only ever buy one caricature book - make this the one.

Congratulations and kudo's Tom.

You can order a copy HERE 
..... have a view of Tom's Blog HERE - the blog, itself, is also a great reference work !


john said...

I 've just received my copy...great book,but I don't think you have a need for a book on caricatures Tel judging by the great work you turn about a book on caricaturing by Tel ?

Unknown said...

hahahaha - thanks John but no chance !
We all need reference material - and Tom's book is as good as they get. You've no idea of the angst some faces cause - now I have a quick guide 'I wonder what Tom would do'
Since I've started live caricature work I need a nudge away from my normally 'kind' style !!

Niall O loughlin said...

I agree completely Tel, it's fantastic.