Friday, 13 August 2010

Whoops .......... !!

Had one of those days - the day before Friday the 13th - my wife driving to work when all the alarms went off in the car, overheated. A leak in the radiator - $515 later and a new radiator - all's OK !
Settled down to catch up on the work I hadn't done running around organising cars - over goes my coffee all over the Wacom and the keyboard ( I know no drinks near them - just like you don't !) The Wacom light flickered and then went out, opened the, case hair dryer etc - no good it won't resurrect. I thought the keyboard was OK until the Finder started getting a mind of its own - I mean opening 100 web pages at once, refusing to reboot and then also gave up the ghost.
That'll be expensive tomorrow - I'll have a quiet red to end a bad day. Opened a Shiraz, it fizzed when I poured it, smelt strange, a quick taste confirmed - yuk !! Down the sink.
Went to bed.
Sitting here wondering what today will bring after the small ceremony for the keyboard and Wacom .........................

ADDENDUM : Intuos 4 and new keyboard in place - an expensive couple of days !!
ADDENDUM 2 : put the Intuos 3 back together - one last try - it works !!
Now I'm being accused of a deliberate ploy to get a new tablet
Anyone want a pre loved Intuos 3 - smells a little of coffee ?
Case of good Shiraz will cover it.


Luke Watson said...

they're the days you just have to give up on mate...

kencoogan said...

Tel, you could be onto to something here.....scented wacom tablets!
It's the future!!

Unknown said...

.... I did Luke, don't happen too often thankfully !

You're right Kent - Shiraz scented maybe, cheese and onion OR new mown lawn - always loved that smell !

Steve Hearn said...

So that's how you do it! We must have dinner when your over next month! Wendy and I would love to see you both again!